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Taking advantage of shuttle storage system, storage capacity at buffering area greatly increases, operating frequency and workload are reduced thus improving efficiency.

Product Features: 

  • First-storey rack uses gravity pallet racks for picking operations

  • Second and above-storey racks use shuttle racks for replenishment source storage for picking operations on the first-storey rack

  • Picking channels can be set on one side of the rack or in the middle of the rack to double the picking operation areas

Product Properties: 

  • Max. travel speed of shuttle: 0.8m/s

  • Max. acceleration of shuttle: 0.3m/s2

  • Max. capacity: 1500kg

  • Power supply mode: Li-ion battery 

Product Advantages:

  • Advanced design concept simplifying picking and replenishing chain and reducing picking operation area

  • Reducing manual work intensity and picking error rate;

  • Best configuration for picking and sorting