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Crane and radio shuttle rack system, utilizes the stacker crane to work as both: shuttle carrier and lift, thus achieving a highly efficient space usage solution, with the help of shuttles and conveyors under the control of WMS and WCS, all working together for fully automatic warehouse operation.

Product Features: 

  • Stackers carry out the longitudinal and vertical handling while shuttles completing the lateral handling among the rack channels

  • Conveying lines complete handling towards entrance/exit ports

  • WMS and WCS control handling equipment to achieve fully automatic inbound and outbound operations

Product Properties: 

  • Max. travel speed of stacker: 160m/min

  • Max. lifting speed of stacker: 30m/min

  • Max. capacity of stacker: 1500kg

Product Advantages: 

  • More storage capacity than ordinary shuttle arrangement to improve warehouse utilization

  • Fully automatic operation to improve system reliability and safety 

  • Balanced equipment utilization to reduce the total cost of warehouse investment & operation