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Radio shuttle racking system is a high-density semi-automatic pallet storage system consisting of shuttle racks, shuttle and forklifts. Shuttle racks make full use of warehouse space, shuttles can reduce the amount of forklift operations and increase warehouse efficiency.

Product Features: 

  • Using a shuttle to transport pallets on the rack channels to achieve dense storage of pallet goods

  • Forklifts are used to transport the shuttles to different channels


Product Properties: 

  • Max. travel speed of shuttle: 0.8m/s

  • Max. acceleration of shuttle: 0.3m/s2

  • Max. capacity: 1500kg

  • Power supply mode: Li-ion battery 

Product Advantages:

  • Compared to traditional pallet racks, shuttle racks greatly increase warehouse utilization

  • It can effectively decrease manual moving frequency and distance of goods by around 30% – 70%. 

  • Location management, inventory management, personnel management and equipment management are implemented in cooperation with WMS management system to greatly improve warehouse operation accuracy and efficiency, and to reduce warehouse operation costs.